They're All Gone Too

Empty footsteps echoed across the pavement, the soles scuffing against the sidewalk..

Empty houses lined across both ways, like museums of people’s lifetimes, a hoard of items lost of their sentimental value.

Empty skies stretched all around, an infinite blue void going until a hazy white overtook it in the horizon.

Empty yards of freshly cut grass sprung to life as the rhythmic ticking of sprinklers followed one another like a wave.

Empty windows, the light gone from their eyes kept their lids shut tight without any reason for them to open, asleep for eternity.

Empty eyes roamed around, studying what was, what there would be and what there could have been.

Empty hands shook with each weak breath, trembling in and out so lightly that not even a leaf would quake.

Empty minds let the imagination roam, knowing it was the only thing that it would ever do again.

Rot, baby!