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About the Site

Howdy! My name is Arcadia, and I'm a college student with a love of art, writing, music, and all things silly.

Pronouns: She/Her

This site will be a constant work in progress, so feel free to pop back in whenever to see if i've managed to get off my ass and do something :)

I've never coded a website in my life and am doing this to learn HTML!

The place I'm learning this stuff off of: tutorials!

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Update Log

January 11/22/2024

- i really need to adjust my fav music sections so i think ill do that
anyways how is everyone doing! hope youre having a good 2014, since it is the year of the gamer after all

November 11/29/2023

CHAT. Would you believe me when I say I haven't forgotten about this site. I havent I swear I swear.
- My ass is going to continue to remain silly and update this page a bit!! I'm looking for ideas on things to do on here but at the moment I think I might just update some art and add some animations :)
- Love you all!! bye!

June 6/23/2023


June 6/22/2023

- Hello my children of the mighty bugs in the ground. I am in my summer break!
-Anyway you'll NEVER BELIEVE what I'm up to. the fuckgign. mobile formatting of pages.
-I have managed to wrangle in the webgarden, the about me page, the art page, but there is still more battles to win.
i am bloodied and bruised from fighting with this html. so so hungry and tired.
-i do it for love though.

May 5/15/2023

-still developing a new page!!! I wanna start mucking around with cool experimental stuff :3c
-unfortunately not much to report other than that though

April 4/26/2023

- Working on the smaller details of stuff I've been sweeping under the rug for a bit :)
- Trying to think up fun stuff for new pages!! Not sure what I should add.

April 4/19/2023

- Been a hot minute!! Added an about me :0
- Thinking about making a landing page that can bring you to two different places! I wanna make professional looking site and my silly site side by side

April 4/5/2023

- New links added!!
- Music page now exists everywhere! check out those tunes!
- I also added my tumblr which i feel like I'll regret but like. whatever.

March 3/31/23

- It seems to me that making this work on mobile will always be a complete nightmare ;-;
- Decided that I want to have a music page on here to talk about my favorite songs n' stuff! plus whatever music i decide to create in the future or whatever :P
- also have gotten the webgarden super polished up, now its ready for whatever additions i wanna make in the future :3

March 3/30/23

- Cleaned up a few things
-fixed the webgarden page divs!! Things should look good on mobile now
- Made some changes to the Navbars that hopefully will make them look better on mobile :)
-OH OH also i figure out how sticky elements work! so now you can see the update log no matter how far you scroll in here :)

March 3/29/23

- Added more small details into some of the pages, working on getting clearer and more aesthetic headers into the different pages :>
- I've incorporated the aesthetic of the rest of the site into the Art page! I think it looks much better!
- Thinking currently about adding a DND resources page to my webgarden :000 we shall see

March 3/28/2023

- I was looking around at things to add and i realized that I LITERALLY FORGOT WHAT MY AGE WAS when writing the about me section. I made it say 18??? as if i didn't turn 19 almost 2 months ago now??? this is so fun and lovely
- Anywho! I'm trying to think of more cool stuff to do on this site that don't make me cower at the thought of starting on it! Maybe I'll make a landing page? idk idk!!

-OK this is hours later now but!! I've added a proper webgarden page! I'll be adding way more to it in the future but I like it so far :3

March 3/27/2023

- Added!! a Button!! and also buttons elsewhere! Take it and run my friends! (also i've seen so many cool websites as I've started adding buttons,, please be my friend everyone you're all so cool ;-;)

March 3/21/2023

- The site no longer looks like garbage on mobile! Now it only looks sort of okay instead!
- Also added a portrait in the about me section :)
- On another note, in my personal life I've been learning more and more ASL and am very happy about that!
- additionally, I'm trying my best to get through disco elysium, good game very silly very extistensial.

March 3/7/2023

-figured out how draggable elements work! thank you W3, as always!!
-found out what marquees are and how tey work, so now we have a silly little marquee at the top of the page!
- Working on adding an audio player, so there can be some atmosphere up in this bitch
- I'm also working on an about me page, because I feel that makes me a professional.
-Things are going well and I'm pleased !

March 3/3/2023

- Finished up the writing page and have added links to get to everything!
- Going around to every page and cleaning up the code formatting to make everything look nicer too :)
- I just realized my site is officially a year old TODAY!! happy birthday webbed site!

March 3/2/2023

-I've decided I want to have a page for my writing in addition to having a page for my art!
-Creating the writing page is taking WAY more effort than I thought it would, but i stay silly.

Feb 2/27/2023

- Working on a page to put all my writing into!
- also working on how i'm going to organize all the writing??? Not sure how to format it lol
- I've actually been working on this writing page but I hit a snaffu with fonts that I JUST figured out (very embarrasing for me, actually), so now that I know I can get it done, it'll be done :)

Feb 2/21/2023

-overhaul of mainpage rolled out! still definitely a work in progress, but I think it's a vast improvement on it was before, more room to be silly and do hijinks
-changed the art page to have links that work on mobile, and have more access to the rest of the site
-I'm looking for more cool things to add! I want this place to be functional, but I still want it to be unique!

Feb 2/20/2023

- just realized the way I do the heading for this update log has febuary in it twice... I will not be fixing this.
- Fixed the "not found" page, now it looks cute and redirects you back here!
-my expedition into fixing the way this page looks on mobil have been unsuccessful, working now on rolling out a new design altogether from a template (thanks sadgrl template builder !!)
-entering midterm week lol, should maybe be working on literally anything else, but here we are

Feb 2/16/2023

- experimenting with solutions to fix the menu on mobile (it has not worked so far lol)

Feb 2/14/2023

-seperated music player from menu
-added some code that will hopefully fix what the site looks like on mobile
-added sparkles to the cursor :)
-happy valentines day!

Feb 2/13/2023

- added a functioning guestbook!
- working on customizing more things, looking into how layouts interact with one another
-in a philosphy lecture rn i should probably be listening to lol
-also, looking into visit count display and statistics of that sort!
-changed the background and design of textboxes
-links now open in new tabs :)

Feb 2/12/2023

- added this update log! lmao
- figured out how overflow worked, so i'm testing that out
- also adding a guestbook page so I can hopefully see who everyone that visits is!

Rot, baby!