The glass was such a nice barrier to the world outside. All she could do was stare with glassy eyes as it slipped by. Not receiving, but not completely gone. Just observing.

At the moment, a void of white stared at her from a small distance - snow wildly whipping to create a moving image of one melting color. White static going nowhere fast.

Her bare toes were just barely touching the window, enough for the tips to receive every little vibration and feeling. Her toes were frigid, feeling a sharp sting in the middle of nothing. Painful numbness. They were the only part of her not completely covered by layers of fabric, coiled around again and again. She was burning and freezing at the same time, and it was entertaining to her.

Behind her was a plain room, a small intersection between two white portals. A greenhouse, filled to the brim with sleeping plants that she would fill with words later when they woke up, maybe to elaborate on her previous point of the beauty of standing still in the middle of a hurricane. They were very good listeners.

A small white cloud bloomed in front of her with every breath. The greenhouse should be warm, to keep the plants safe. But she was caged for so long, she pursued the itching impulse to put everything in danger. The way people usually do when they don’t know what else their life expects from them. A crisis in hope to force the spark of change.

The blanket shifted itself from her head to her feet, the only feeling coming from the bones deep inside. It was like a second cocoon.

For awhile she believed this was a sort of evil punishment directed at her. The door was always open, and she couldn’t leave. In a way, she could think, she was trapped. The first few days- months- she would leave the greenhouse and trek the empty fields outside. It’s not like she ever found anything though. But the more she thought about it, she accepted it- just observing. She accepted observing. There was a sort of amniotic tranquility to it.

Besides, it was a better job than some of the others were forced to do. But, she tried not to think about them.

Yes- She was fine just observing.